Cumbia Norteña Drum Loops, Samples

Thumbnail Cumbia Norteña Drum Loops, Samples
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Cumbia Norteña series 2 Drum Loops, samples. Remix Loops willl be the first and only to bring you Cumbia Norteña Loops! Influences: Cumbia Nortena was influenced by...

Reggaeton Vallenato Loops & Samples(apple Loops, Rex 2, Wav)

Thumbnail Reggaeton Vallenato Loops & Samples(Apple loops, Rex 2, Wav)
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Reggaetton Vallenato Loops and Samples. Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Accordion and Kenas.

Also known as Vallenatón, is a fusion popularized by artists such as Daddy Yankee Alexis...

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Super 808 & 909 (one Shot Samples) 16 Bit

Thumbnail SUPER 808 & 909 (ONE SHOT SAMPLES) 16 bit
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Clean pristine TR-808 and TR-909 one shot samples. These 2 Drum Machines Samples Collections are the most hottest recorded Drum Machines up to date. The Samples...